Steve Chaloner has been a software developer, consultant and mentor since 1999.   He specialises in Java, but believes in using the right tool for the job. The right tool for him, for web-based applications at least, is the Play! framework, which is rocking his world.

He is the author of several open-source projects, the most successful of which is Deadbolt, an authorization system for Play! He also won the Jetbrains Team Leader’s Prize for IntelliJad in 2008*.

In 2011, he was selected as one of the Expert Reviewers for the Play! Framework Cookbook, along with the creator of Play! and one of its oldest contributors.

In 2012, Steve co-founded the Belgian Play! Framework User Group with Ben Verbeken.

Objectify is the place he decided to stop thinking about starting a blog (and a software development business – details coming soon) and just get on with it.

You can contact Steve at steve(at)

* In fact, since this page is where I get to boast a little, it was the Teams’s Choice prize:
“The Team Leader’s Choice prize goes to Steve Chaloner for the IntelliJad plugin – and actually the entire team liked his plugin so much that we decided to make it a “Team’s Choice” prize and to increase the prize sum to $3000.”

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