Three or four months ago, I received an email from an on-line advertising agency inquiring whether I would be interested in allowing in-article ads on my blog. I thought about it for about a second, and immediately answered with a polite rejection. The advertisers replied pretty quickly, pointing out the money I could earn from such ads.

This time, it didn’t even take a second to think about it – my answer was a flat “NO!”.

A couple of days ago, I received another email – this time from a tool vendor that’s preparing to offer free individual licenses for its tools. Would I be interested in writing an article on the tool? Certainly. What’s the difference? This – “I would love to hear your thoughts – both the good and the bad”.

I will happily review your product, your book, etc, but it will be as objective as I can make it. I refuse to hand control of this blog over to anyone, and there will never ever be a paid advert on here. I’ll review things with full disclosure, but I won’t shill for you. I will advance my own interests, but I’ll try to minimize my bias in the process. This is what the independence of my blog means to me.

But, as usual, someone else said it better…

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