I just read how Facebook changed all e-mail addresses to use their @facebook.com domain. Now, unless I misread something, I seem to recall my information section is about me, and so it’s not really up to them to change it. I wonder if they’re thinking of changing all birthdays to the same date, and having presents trans-shipped through them so they can shake the boxes first.

Happily, I own the domain that I use for my facebook email address, so I’ve created a new account called fuck-facebook@<my domain>.net, because that seems to sum it up nicely.

Which is to say, fuck facebook.

I’m not concerned about them changing the layout of their site, or introducing timelines – it’s their app, and they can do what they want with it in the free market of social networking. It may be their app but, unfortunately, it’s my data – and right now, I wish I’d never signed up to that damn place.

I would like to say I’m stunned by the unbelievably bad judgement they’ve shown with this move, but let’s face it – it’s not exactly the first time they’ve screwed with or exposed data

I’ve stripped my profile down to bare bones – no movie or music likes, minimum personal information. The next step is to check how much data of mine I can force them to purge (but I’m not holding my breath). Maybe you should think about doing something similar too.

A thought – people change each other’s facebook details often as pranks or as a prelude to fraud. In other words, they change personal details and act abusively. Facebook just happens to have a “Report abuse” section (you can find it here) – maybe you should report this as abuse too.

Update: I never realised how hard facebook made it to report something outside of something they consider to be abuse! Click on the link above, and you’ll find out for yourself. I’m trying to mail them about the following in their community standards:

On Facebook people connect and share using their real identities. This culture creates accountability and builds trust and safety for everyone.

Quick summary – real identities and creates accountability and builds trust. Talk about do what I say, and not what I do!

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