In my previous entry, I mentioned that when the projector failed to function, laptops, tablets and smartphones were used to display the slides instead. When I think of conference presentations, I tend to think of something like this:
By Royal Cliff Beach Resort (Royal Cliff Beach Resort) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The scale of 010DEV was smaller – much smaller – but the format was still a person talking at the front, with a projector displaying the presentation slides. Due to the aforementioned technical issue and solution, what actually happened was a situation where I could focus on the speaker and not be distracted by a shimmering block of light behind them.

Thinking on this further, it occurred to me this was nothing new. The first time I ever saw a film on a airplane, it was on a huge (well…huge-ish) screen at the front of the plane. Fast forward a few years, and TVs started appearing every few meters above the aisles, giving everyone a chance to view whichever edited piece of crap was being shown.

A few years later, and seat-back personal entertainment units (I’m sure the airline industry has a snazzy name for them) turned up. Finally, you could a) control what you watched and b) actually be able to see it without 20 rows of people between you and the screen.

As more and more people now carry their own seat-back personal entertainment units in the form of laptops, tablets and smartphones – especially at technical events – I wonder if the era of the big screen presentation is coming to a close?

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