To start, a couple of disclaimers:
1. Growing up, I loved Doctor Who – both the TV series and books. Can’t add anything else to this particular disclaimer – I absolutely loved them.
2. On a similar, yet diametrically opposed, note, I absolutely hated Disney films. I’m not going to go into the reasons, because that would take a long time, but even now whenever a child gets mauled by a dog – I wonder if it happened because the child was trying to get the dog to sing.

Let’s move swiftly on. A few years ago, Doctor Who was revived as a TV show and I was very excited. Then I saw the first episode, and I was somewhat less excited. Excitement diminished every week – there were some excellent stories, typically the ones not written by Russell T. Davies – but there was always something that got in the way of enjoyment.

That fucking sonic screwdriver.

In the older episodes, the Doctor would whip out his sonic screwdriver occasionally. In the new episodes, the screwdriver became a magic wand. What’s the problem with magic? It doesn’t require explanation – it’s just magic.

Also fairly recently, as the father of an amazing daughter*, Disney DVDs entered the family collection alongside uncountable zombie films, 80s John Hughes movies and my treasured Buffy DVDs. Most of them were, well, exactly as I remembered. Some where actually very enjoyable (such as The Little Mermaid), but one set of films has really stuck in my mind. These are the Tinkerbell films.

Specifically, I’m talking about Tinkerbell And The Lost Treasure. In a nutshell, Tinkerbell is given a task that is of vital importance to all the fairies, and requires an extremely rare moonstone. It’s a movie, so of course the moonstone is shattered and she has to deal with the consequences. Most of the movie deals with her travelling to a far-away place to find a magic mirror that will make everything OK again. So far, so Disney.

This, from both a general and technical point of view, is where it starts to get interesting.

She finds the mirror, and manages to screw it up again. Suddenly, there’s no more magic solution to her problem and so she starts using her brain. She designs and implements a solution based on the broken moonstone for the fairy ritual that is far more successful than previous rituals have been. She’s taken the broken pieces of something she’s told has to be whole, and instead of taking what she’s told as the only truth, innovates her way out of the problem.

At a time when the importance of teaching children to program is making (inter)national news, I think a role model that encourages critical and pragmatic thinking trumps one who can zap his way out of any problem with setting xyz of his magic wand.

* And I dare you to prove otherwise 🙂

34 thoughts on “Why Doctor Who sucks, and Tinkerbell rocks

  1. Hahaha! You’re so stupid! Doctor Who is 100 times better than that gay old TINKERBELL. Disney movies always sucked. You’re a retard. Maybe you should take some pills to help with you’re brain cells.

  2. Two things
    1. If Tinkerbell were gay, I don’t see how that affects her ability in engineering
    2. It’s “your brain cells”, genius

  3. You suck, idiot 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡

  4. While I must confess that I really enjoyed the new Doctor Who, particularly Eccleston, I have to admit that if there’s any lesson I’d want my daughter to learn, it’s that you can fix what you broke… and that creativity and reason trump magic every time. Normally I would have recoiled in horror from that Tinkerbell & The Lost Treasure Thing, but I think I’ll give it a try (besides, she’ll appreciate Doctor Who more when she’s older, anyway.)

  5. Clearly, the concept of the Doctor’s magic stick goes straight over my tiny head.

    PS It’s spelled “honestly”. Dictionaries are available from all good book shops.

  6. Your spelling doesn’t need to be 100 percent correct? If you can’t correctly express your thoughts, how am I supposed to correctly interpret them? For instance, what if I was to mis-type cant (insincere, especially conventional expressions of enthusiasm for high ideals, goodness, or piety) as cunt (no definition needed), the entire aspect of the statement changes.

  7. Also, I have no idea what TInkerbell’s sexual preference is. If you read the article again (and you can safely assume there are no spelling mistakes), you will see my issue is not with Doctor Who. To repeat:

    “…there was always something that got in the way of enjoyment.

    That fucking sonic screwdriver.”

    My issue with Doctor Who (and this is pretty much not an issue with the Matt Smith episodes) is the sonic-screwdriver-as-wand thing. Doctor Who was MacGyver before MacGyver was born, but he lost the ploit as soon as he started using that damn screwdriver to solve all his problems.

    The Tinkerbell movie (I assume you actually read the article, and didn’t focus purely on “Doctor Who sucks”, “Tinkerbell doesn’t”) surprised the hell out of me by describing how magic is useless compared to rational thought. That would be the same rational thought that Doctor Who championed for decades.

    I hope this clarifies things.

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  9. Right about now, I’m regretting removing “you’re a fucking idiot” from my reply. I gave a reasoned response to your badly spelled, badly reasoned questions and you answered with insults. To address your most recent comments:
    a) I’m happier with 200 likes than 199
    b) I don’t see your score anywhere
    c) I really couldn’t give two fucks what you think
    d) You’re a fucking idiot

  10. I couldn’t agree more, Steve!

    I must say I still enjoy the show, but he using that screwdriver all over the place is just plain annoying.

    There’s absolutely no pattern in which it’s used and no explanation on how it works. At first it opened or sealed doors and that kind of stuff, which was ok obviously (it’s sonic: resonance freq, I get it). Then it started getting readings for all sorts of stuff. What’s next? A lightsaber?

    At least with fairies, there’s no doubt that their wand is magical 🙂

  11. I have no intention of effending you. If I offend you, that’s also unintentional but clearly a beneficial side-effect of responding to you.

    I haven’t enjoyed publically mocking an idiot in years, so as far as I’m concerned, this is a great way to spend a Friday evening.

    Curiously, I’ve re-read all the comments and can’t find a single insult written by me.

  12. It is not even a real argument to compare something as amazing as doctor who to compare it to something as RETARDED as a fucking fairy from Disney. like who in the fuck decided those two needed to be compared or rated. Honestly good luck trying to find people to agree with you because this argument is shit. ❗

  13. “like who in the fuck decided those two needed to be compared or rated” – that would be me

    “Honestly good luck trying to find people to agree with you” – I don’t need luck, since people already do agree with me.

    “this argument is shit” – your opinion is noted. However, given you have an AOL email address, I’m not giving your opinion any weight.

    Seriously, people still have AOL addresses?

  14. This isn’t a new problem for Doctor Who. Last time there was a serious problem with this issue, of course, the ‘magic wand’ was a bit more dog-shaped. Eventually they got rid of it.

  15. i like doctor who and it is liked by manymanymanymany people it probably just doesent appeal to u anymore (im not making fun off you at all) ❓ 🙁 🙂 ❗ 😮 😡 💡 😥 :mrgreen: 💡 🙄 randomness

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