This blog has a lot of entries related to how-tos with the Play! framework, but one thing it’s missing is possibly an explanation of why I use Play so much.

It’s simple – I consider Play to be seven-league boots.

From Wikipedia (so it must be true):

Seven-league boots are an element in European folklore. The boots allow the wearer to take great strides—seven leagues each step—resulting in great speed. The boots are often presented by a magical character to the protagonist to aid in the completion of a significant task.

I couldn’t have said it better myself – great strides and great speed for significant tasks*.

* Also, Play comes from Zexenity, a French company, so it ticks the European box too

3 thoughts on “Play is seven-league boots

  1. I completely agree !!!

    I’m using play and I’m enjoying the speed on development and the joy on refactoring…

    specialcommunity (a major project I’m working on) will be powered soon by play…

    Many thanks to Zenexity !!!

  2. Both, but increasingly Play 2. When I started using both, I found Play 1 templates faster for hacking something together in a prototype, but the type-safety of Scala templates is a huge win.

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