The good folks at Packt Publishing, having already realised they can bribe me to mention their promotions, have again come through with another excellent promotion worthy of your attention and hard-earned money.

This time it’s Moodle Month, a fantastic deal that allows you to get 20% off print books and 30% off e-books for the world’s most popular e-learning platform – Moodle! Moodle is, according to the blurb, “a free, open-source PHP web application for producing modular internet-based courses that support a modern social constructionist pedagogy” – a dictionary is available here.

Normally, of course, the mere mention of PHP would have me reaching for my gun but since Moodle Month is tagged as festive fun, this would be a little churlish. Especially, as I already mentioned, I’m getting bribed to write this!*

Clicking around, I also noticed they have a “Save 50%” promotion on book bundles, which is pretty nice.

* Please note – bribing me to promote something generally works, and I make no moral judgements!

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